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To create a space celebrating sexual diversity in Latinx communities. I am a LGBTQ+ adult led and youth centered organization that provides bilingual comprehensive sex education with a focus on serving youth, young adults and adults who identify as LGBTQ+ or heterosexual. We are a space to share stories, information and resources to uplift our community against shame, misinformation and oppression. By offering inclusive and medically accurate comprehensive sex education, we strive to empower ourselves to feel confident in our bodies, informed about our sexual health, proud of our identities and connected to each other.

Community Workshops

Are you looking to bring a sexual health educator that can hold space for spicy topics? We're happy to help with that!

Corporate Trainings

Are you looking for a sexual health expert for your next conference, event or retreat? We're here to help!

Media Partnerships

Are you looking for high-value creative content from an expert? Let's get creative!

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