Bilingual Health Communications Specialist



Cindy Luquin (she/they) is a Certified Bilingual Sexual Health Expert and Founder of Howl at the Womb here to empower with the language and tools to have healthy conversations about sex(uality), pleasure and gender. 


She earned a B.A. in Spanish Healthcare Interpretation and Translation from Cal-State University, Fullerton and a Masters in Latin American Studies from Cal-State University, Los Angeles. Her spark for teaching sex education was ignited after 15 years of working in the public education while developing her passion in the field of reproductive and sexual health. Her drive is rooted in her love for her Central American culture, family and community. Like many children of immigrants, she grew up in a religious conservative Latinx household where she witnessed and experienced firsthand how a lack of comprehensive sex education shaped and influenced critical thinking, biases and sex-negative attitudes. As a domestic violence survivor, she teaches others have healthy relationships to add value to their sexual lives. Howl at the Womb provides a welcoming, safe and encouraging space to destigmatize sex without shame. Cindy weaves academic research, ancestral healing wisdom and practices along with medically accurate sexual health education to provide culturally comprehensive sex education rooted in reproductive justice. It is her life’s work to dismantle sexual shame and guide communities and families toward building sex-positive generations. Email for speaking engagements, media appearances and educational services.


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